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Don’t Shoot…I’ll Move Over!!

The Great Expedition

How is the morning commute going lately? If you are like most people…you probably commute about 50-60 miles a day. We are facing frustrated and often angry commuters and must be prepped with the latest in defensive driving techniques. And be sure to gird yourself with courage and faith, senses tuned and ready to accelerate in the “Great Expedition” – the drive to work.

Power Can Corrupt

We all know it – cars become weapons in the hands of frustrated, often angry motorists – transforming the casual ride into a white-knuckle experience. Frenzied driving maneuvers can reveal life patterns. Maybe taking a stand on a deeply felt issue may only occur in the privacy of their car. At times they are bullies, snatching openings in bumper-to-bumper traffic, causing brakes to scream, lights to flash and following close to intimidate and threaten! You see these menacing drivers everywhere – they are in the van pool lanes, sneaking to the front of the line. They wear bumper stickers proudly: “Yes, I do own the highway”; “This car is insured by Smith and Wesson”; “Go ahead, hit me – I need the money.”

The Problem

Yes, it’s finally happened! Frustration has erupted into violence on our highways – breaking into the private world of commuting to work! I’m not referring to bumped fenders, squealing brakes, or near-fatal collisions. Now, even violence has risen from the nerves of society. Angry commuters are allowing their emotions to rule over all common sense. What price are you willing to pay this phantom type of vigilante for following too close?

The Solution

A new caution has entered into the minds and hearts of commuters. Fear has resurrected the “Golden Rule.” The time has come to think about being kinder, polite, and even wary.

We now wear our bumper stickers proudly: “Don’t shoot! I’ll move over!”



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Okay…I Do Love My Cat!!

I never thought I would say that until I bought my cat!

Aren’t all those people out there crazy to coddle their pets?  Now I’m one of them.  His name is “Max,” and let’s not even get into how cute he is or how smart.   Well, you can see his picture here…smart and handsome…right?

When I talk about Max, it sounds like I’m talking about one of my kids.  It goes something like this:  “Oh, here is a picture of Max” or “I’ve just got to tell you the cutest thing he did yesterday.  My kids all think I’ve gone nuts.  Yes, he is actually a new member of our family.

So now I’m worrying about him and asking these questions:  “Is he bored?”  “Does he need a friend?”  “Maybe I should test a different cat food because he really doesn’t seem to like what I’m feeding him.”  And of course he is an INDOOR cat!  You really don’t think I would put my precious “Max” outside to be demonized by bigger cats or a dog, do you?  They might bully him, or worse yet — he might get FLEAS! Gads!

I’m out buying toys for my cat.  Instead of going shopping for clothes… I shop for cat toys, scratching posts and dishes.  And another thing that I just don’t understand…these pet store shelves are bulging with all DOG items.  What is up with that?

Oh, then there is the covered cat litter box (he really needs his privacy) and the special cat dishes.  For instance the water is no longer put in a simple dish.  Oh no…it is now pumping fresh water in a waterfall fashion…just for “Max!”  You may be asking why – well, he just doesn’t  “get”  drinking out of a bowl.  Remember, he is “special.”

We adopted Max from the Humane Society. His social nature drew us to him – plus he was so handsome and gentle.  We could tell he was going to grow into a huge cat.   He came from a home where he spent his days alone since his owner was at work.  Having the run of the house, he was very comfortable wandering on all the counter tops.  Hmmm… was he going to get along with our female…Missy?

Took Max a few months to warm up to us.  When we first brought him home, we gave him a few days to get used to his surroundings.    We made him a member of our family, joining in with Missy.   Yes he was officially ours with all his shots, fixed – the whole nine yards.

Oh, and I didn’t tell you that my home could be inspected any day by the organization I adopted him from.  Since he is “adopted” I must meet specific standards such as:  sign an oath that I will keep “Max” as an INDOOR cat!  If they (CPS  – Cat Patrol Services) find I let him outside, they could come and take him away from me.  Oh, horror…that just can’t happen!  I could be deemed un unfit cat parent.

This is a little snippet from a local animal adoption agency:

“You must also guarantee to keep them indoors, and to allow check-up visits from us. We must be informed if you change address; your new friend may not be transferred to others without our consent; and if, for any reason, at any time, even years from the point of adoption, you cannot or will not care for your animal friend, they must be returned to us. We will either find them another home or give them a home for life here with us.”

This is really serious stuff!  But that’s okay….cause I LOVE my cat.

A dog is man’s best friend…but a cat is EVERYONE’S best friend!!

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